James Hunter and The Gatherers is an alternative-folk four-piece based in Wellington, New Zealand. What began as a solo endeavour by frontman James Hunter, has morphed into a captivating group project that is influenced and grown by the talented wellington artists inhabiting it. The group draws musically from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver, focusing on the marriage of lyrical narratives and energising melodic arrangements.


Since 2021, they have been performing successful shows all around Aotearoa, including their debut NZ tour and sold-out shows in both Auckland and Wellington.


As a COVID-19 outlet, Hunter self-produced/released his two debut EPs ‘Last Little While and ‘You’  in 2020/2021 respectively. 2022 will welcome the group’s 3rd EP, ‘Memories of the Future’ set to be released later that year.


 The Gatherers are made up of Taylar Mallo (Bass), Maxime Calderbank (Guitar/vocals) and Emerson McCullough (Drums.) 

James Hunter and The Gatherers - Live at  Wine Cellar April '22
"His lyrics are heartfelt and honest...his voice...reminiscent of the likes of James Blake and Active Child with its purity of tone and range"

                                                             - May Magazine

"(You) is bold, brave and resonant in a year when many can relate to love and loss"

                                                             -  Gaby Ivanov-Giraldo (Muzic.net.nz)

"I don’t do 5-star reviews lightly, but this is a 5 and a half"

                                          - Darryl Baser (Muzic.net.nz)

"James’s music is refreshingly heartfelt and vulnerable. With a creamy voice that traverses the lows of unfeigned melancholy to the highs of besotted wonder"

                                                             - Hilary Carmodie (Undertheradar.co.nz)

"Creative, energetic, emotional, flamboyant and not afraid to “piano bash with passion”

- Weeny Xian (NZ Musician)

James Hunter and the Gatherers were made for the stage.

- Danica Bryant (Muzic.net.nz